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S. Newborn Photo Shoot

Before I left on my last vacation of the summer I was privileged to take this brand new guy’s pictures.  He was just a few days old and slept so peacefully for most of the shoot.   I love that as I get the opportunity to hold these brand new babies it helps me remember to slow down in life a little and how truly precious and innocent babies are.   Shoots like these make me truly love my job.

IMG_6374 copy.jpgIMG_6416.jpgIMG_6322 copy.jpgIMG_6329.jpgIMG_6362 copy3.jpgIMG_6447.jpgIMG_6365-2.jpgCollage.jpgIMG_6382 copy.jpgIMG_6388.jpgIMG_6461.jpg

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Summer Vacation

This summer is flying by so quickly! Our summer has been filled with trips to library, pool days with friends, beach trips and even lots of days in our pajamas.

In June we were able to head back to Illinois to my childhood home for a fun jam packed vacation.  I had forgotten how green the Midwest is!  My kids even complained about Grandpa’s long grass, which he had just cut a few days before.  We had fun with cousins, were on top of the world (or it felt like it) and enjoyed the little moments.

What is your favorite place to go on vacation?


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