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Aleah Senior Girl Session

I did this photo shoot several months ago and now today Aleah is graduating! It was definitely time to share a few of my favorites from her Senior Photo Shoot.  She wanted a beach session and even though it was a bit cool and overcast, we still had so much fun.  Aleah is a cheerleader and can do some crazy flips and moves, I can’t even imagine being able to do half of things she does.  We both got wet for a few of the shots but it was totally worth it.

Congratulations Aleah!  Enjoy your day.

KG4A0450 (1).jpgKG4A0341.jpgKG4A0486.jpgKG4A0661.jpgKG4A0236.jpgKG4A0424.jpgKG4A0575.jpgKG4A0277.jpgKG4A0519.jpgKG4A0672.jpgKG4A0559.jpgKG4A0639.jpgKG4A0542.jpg

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