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Newborn Twin Photo Shoot

There are many sessions I haven’t shared here, but in my attempt to catch up I decided to jump to my most recent shoot of newborn twins.  This little guy and girl were born early and came to my home studio for their session after they were both released from the NICU.  This session meant so much to me, as not only was this my first set of newborn twins, but these two were about the exact same size that my youngest child was when he was released from the NICU.  It brought back so many memories holding these sweet babies.

I love that even at such a young age they already have little personalities.  The boy loved to snuggle up to his sister; she on the other hand pushed him away a few times.  It was a great session and here are some of my personal favorites from the shoot.  Dad is a police officer, so we had fun incorporating his gear for a few shots.


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