Newborn Baby Girl

As I photographer, I often reflect on what my favorite part of the job is.  It is definitely not updating my website- as I am so far behind on doing that.  But what I love is, the interactions.  The joy of seeing families together, especially the brand new parents with their new baby.  I love being able to capture these precious moments for the family, moments that pass by way too quickly.   This newborn little girl I actually photographed back in September, but am finally sharing the pictures on my website now.  She was an angel and slept almost the entire session.  I love being able to capture the little details too, as they grow up and change so quickly.   Here are just a few of my favorites from their gallery.

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Newborn Twin Girls

I do love photographing newborns, and earlier this year I had the privilege of photographing newborn twin girls!  Since becoming a newborn photographer, the majority of my newborns have been boys, so to have two newborn girls to photograph at once was heavenly!  Twins don’t always like to sleep at the same time, to any parents dismay, but we were able to get an amazing gallery and just had to work a little harder to get them sleeping at the same time.  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from newborn girl shoot.

Newborn TwinsNewborn Twin GirlsNewborn Girl TwinsNewborn TwinsNewborn PhotoshootNewborn girl photoshootParents and newborn twinsNewborn twin girlsNewborn twins and parentsnewborn twinsnewborn twin girlstwin girl photoshootfather and newborn

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Family Photo Shoot

This family photo shoot took place back in 2015, another old session that I never blogged about.   This family was so fun and their outfits were spot on.  I later got to take a few more pictures of the parents when they took part in a local Living Nativity Performance as Mary and Joseph. These pictures were taken in Downtown Claremont, a favorite spot to shoot.   The kids were so full and life and so fun and did amazing for the pictures.  Kids grow and change so quickly, it is so important to capture them in their many stages of childhood.  Here are just a few of my favorites from that shoot.

family pictures-1.jpgsibling pictures.jpgSoCal child photographer.jpg6 month old pictures.jpgfamily photo shoot.jpgSoCal Family Photographer.jpgfamily photographer.jpgfamily pictures-2.jpgFather and sons.jpgfun family pictures.jpgcouple picture.jpg

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6 Month Photo Shoot

This 6 month photo shoot was part of a themed calendar photo shoot, which I will be showing you the entire year next week.  We had fun stylizing the shots for the monthly calendar pictures and definitely got some family shots also.

I love photographing babies around 6 months old as they are really starting to become so curious and aware of what is happening around them.   I will often tell people my favorite age of my own kids was between 6 months and 18 months as they learn and grow so much, and haven’t hit the “terrible-twos” yet.

This shoot took place in early 2015.  Here are a few of my personal favorites from the shoot.

6 month old boyValentines day picture ideas6 Month old Valentines Day PicturesSoCal Child Photographer 6 month old photoshootfamily picturesfather and sonsnowman babysnowman hatsnowman photo shoot6 month old baby.jpg

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A Year of Photography

Thank you to all of you who have allowed me to capture and photograph your newborns, your children and your families.  I love being your Southern California Newborn and Family Photographer.  I love being able to spend time with my amazing clients and capture this time in their lives.  2016 was a great year with so many amazing photoshoots and I look forward to see what this year brings.

If you look back at my previous post, you will see I have been neglecting the blog aspect of my photography site.  It is my plan to share about once a week those past sessions that I haven’t yet shared.  I will also be trying to share new sessions as they occur to.

Don’t forget you can always follow me on Instagram, I am definitely a little better about updating from recent shoots there.

I look forward to a great 2017!

California Family Photographer

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Newborn Twin Photo Shoot

There are many sessions I haven’t shared here, but in my attempt to catch up I decided to jump to my most recent shoot of newborn twins.  This little guy and girl were born early and came to my home studio for their session after they were both released from the NICU.  This session meant so much to me, as not only was this my first set of newborn twins, but these two were about the exact same size that my youngest child was when he was released from the NICU.  It brought back so many memories holding these sweet babies.

I love that even at such a young age they already have little personalities.  The boy loved to snuggle up to his sister; she on the other hand pushed him away a few times.  It was a great session and here are some of my personal favorites from the shoot.  Dad is a police officer, so we had fun incorporating his gear for a few shots.


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Family Photo Shoot

I had the privilege of taking this family’s picture a couple of years ago.   Two years ago we did a beach session, this time we decided to change it up and do more of a woody’s nature photo shoot.  I also did a really quick mini-session for the oldest daughter, but I will show those in a separate post.  The Dad was really feeling under the weather, but he was such a trooper and came and smiled for the pictures despite how awful he felt.


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3 Month Old Girl Photo Shoot

This cute little girl came this fall for her photo-shoot at 3-months-old.  Her Dad used to be my daughter’s soccer coach, it is always fun to meet up with old friends.  Her mom brought some of the cutest outfits and pearls, as what girl doesn’t need pearls?  She would be happy and smiling one minute, then mad the next but we just went with what she gave us and got some adorable pictures.


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4 Month Old Boy Photo Shoot

I was so excited to do this 4-month-old little guy’s photo shoot as it meant I would get to hang out with his mom again.  His mom and I met at a SoCal blogging conference and had an awesome time together.  Then we had more fun crafting together at a Craftastic Saturday, at which time she was pregnant.   When she asked me to take her little guy’s picture, I couldn’t have been happier to do so.  I actually took this shoot before Halloween, so we got some fall pictures and she also wanted pictures for her Christmas card.  Now that the Christmas Cards have been sent out, I am sharing some of my favorites from the shoot.


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Family Photo Shoot

I actually took these pictures almost two months ago now!  This family was so fun to photograph.  When I arrived I told the kids (and the Dad) that if I did my job right, not only would they get good pictures but we would have a lot of fun too.  The hour seemed to fly by and I am happy to say I did my job! The kids were happy, and the Dad told me not to move anywhere as they were hiring me for the next twenty years.  Here are a few of my favorites from their photo shoot.

KG4A3967F.jpgKG4A3882.jpgfamily.jpgboy picture.jpgKG4A3753F.jpggirl picture.jpgKG4A3873.jpgKG4A3844.jpgkiss.jpgtoddler picture.jpgKG4A4071.jpg

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