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High School Senior Girl Photo Shoot

I shot this High School Girl shoot well over a month ago, in fact I have many photo shoots that I have taken in the last month and I am finally trying to play catchup.

I cannot believe this beautiful girl is going to be graduating from high school!  I got to know her about 6 years ago when my family moved to Southern California.  At the time she was young girl who loved making videos with Littlest Pet Shops.  It has been amazing and awesome to see how much she has grown and matured.  She has hopes of some day being an actress and loves acting in her high school’s plays and musicals.  She truly has a good heart and a very easy smile.  We had such a fun time taking her pictures, she is a natural in front of the camera.


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Aleah Senior Girl Session

I did this photo shoot several months ago and now today Aleah is graduating! It was definitely time to share a few of my favorites from her Senior Photo Shoot.  She wanted a beach session and even though it was a bit cool and overcast, we still had so much fun.  Aleah is a cheerleader and can do some crazy flips and moves, I can’t even imagine being able to do half of things she does.  We both got wet for a few of the shots but it was totally worth it.

Congratulations Aleah!  Enjoy your day.

KG4A0450 (1).jpgKG4A0341.jpgKG4A0486.jpgKG4A0661.jpgKG4A0236.jpgKG4A0424.jpgKG4A0575.jpgKG4A0277.jpgKG4A0519.jpgKG4A0672.jpgKG4A0559.jpgKG4A0639.jpgKG4A0542.jpg

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