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Summer Vacation

This summer is flying by so quickly! Our summer has been filled with trips to library, pool days with friends, beach trips and even lots of days in our pajamas.

In June we were able to head back to Illinois to my childhood home for a fun jam packed vacation.  I had forgotten how green the Midwest is!  My kids even complained about Grandpa’s long grass, which he had just cut a few days before.  We had fun with cousins, were on top of the world (or it felt like it) and enjoyed the little moments.

What is your favorite place to go on vacation?


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My New Site!

Ever have one of those things you really want to do but just never seem to?   That is how I felt about my photography website; always wanting and needing to update it but just never finding the time.   As time goes, if you want to find time for something you often just need to make time or take time for it and I finally did!  Welcome to the new and improved Emily Kathryn Photography.

This blog will be a place where I share current pictures from shoots (and some old favorites), talk about photography and connect with all of you out there as a friend and photographer.    If you have any photography questions feel free to leave a comment with them and I would love to address it.  I believe it does the whole industry good to help educate people to what good pictures are and help each other improve; I know I am still learning!

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