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Newborn Baby Girl

As I photographer, I often reflect on what my favorite part of the job is.  It is definitely not updating my website- as I am so far behind on doing that.  But what I love is, the interactions.  The joy of seeing families together, especially the brand new parents with their new baby.  I love being able to capture these precious moments for the family, moments that pass by way too quickly.   This newborn little girl I actually photographed back in September, but am finally sharing the pictures on my website now.  She was an angel and slept almost the entire session.  I love being able to capture the little details too, as they grow up and change so quickly.   Here are just a few of my favorites from their gallery.

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Newborn Twin Girls

I do love photographing newborns, and earlier this year I had the privilege of photographing newborn twin girls!  Since becoming a newborn photographer, the majority of my newborns have been boys, so to have two newborn girls to photograph at once was heavenly!  Twins don’t always like to sleep at the same time, to any parents dismay, but we were able to get an amazing gallery and just had to work a little harder to get them sleeping at the same time.  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from newborn girl shoot.

Newborn TwinsNewborn Twin GirlsNewborn Girl TwinsNewborn TwinsNewborn PhotoshootNewborn girl photoshootParents and newborn twinsNewborn twin girlsNewborn twins and parentsnewborn twinsnewborn twin girlstwin girl photoshootfather and newborn

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Newborn Twin Photo Shoot

There are many sessions I haven’t shared here, but in my attempt to catch up I decided to jump to my most recent shoot of newborn twins.  This little guy and girl were born early and came to my home studio for their session after they were both released from the NICU.  This session meant so much to me, as not only was this my first set of newborn twins, but these two were about the exact same size that my youngest child was when he was released from the NICU.  It brought back so many memories holding these sweet babies.

I love that even at such a young age they already have little personalities.  The boy loved to snuggle up to his sister; she on the other hand pushed him away a few times.  It was a great session and here are some of my personal favorites from the shoot.  Dad is a police officer, so we had fun incorporating his gear for a few shots.


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Newborn Photo Shoot and Firefighter Dad

This newborn shoot had a lot of firsts for me.  It was my first newborn who’s Dad is a firefighter.  It was also my first newborn shoot that we included a puppy.  Both ended up being great incorporations for the shoot and I love the pictures and this moment in time we were able to capture forever.  Kids truly do grow so quickly, which is why I love being able to photograph newborns when they are so new, so small and so sleepy.

This little guy, who’s name is Canon, which I definitely approve of as this is what I shoot with.  Canon took a little bit to get to sleep and Mom kept apologizing, but I assured her I was not worried.  Once he did get to sleep, he slept the rest of the session like a rock star.  Here are a few of my personal favorites from the session.

fire fighter


newbornfirefighter newborn photographyfirefighter newborn photographyfirefighter, puppy

newborn sleepingpuppynewborn and parentnewborn in parents hands


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Newborn Baby Boy Photo Shoot

Part of the joy from my job is meeting new people, I especially love meeting new first time parents as it is always so fun to watch them.  To watch and see their excitement, their wonder, their awe and even the questions and feelings of ‘what are we supposed to do’?  It takes me back to when I was a brand new mom and so many memories both good and bad.

Jamie and her husband were no exception to this rule.  They have an adorable little guy and are going to be amazing parents.  Their love for their new baby and each other was very apparent and I was impressed with how well they worked together and helped each other out.  Their little guy made me work extra hard for those sleepy pictures, but in the end we were finally able to get pictures we all love.




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S. Newborn Baby Girl Photo Shoot

Did I ever tell you how horrible I am at keeping this blog up.  I actually photographed this sweet newborn a couple of months ago, but am finally sharing the pictures here.   She had a hard time wanting to go to sleep and was just awake and looking around, but in the end she settled into a nice deep sleep for beautiful pictures.


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December Newborn Baby Girl Photo Shoot

Hope your New Year is starting off right!  My family had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a new year.  Right before Christmas I had the privilege of photographing not one but two newborn baby girls.   I will share some of my favorite pictures from the first shoot this week.

This sweet little girl is this couple’s first baby.  It is always so fun to see first parent’s reactions and talk with them about adjusting to being parents.  It always brings back so many memories of what it was like when my three were newborns.  Since she is a December baby we had to do some cute Christmas shots too.


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S. Newborn Photo Shoot

Before I left on my last vacation of the summer I was privileged to take this brand new guy’s pictures.  He was just a few days old and slept so peacefully for most of the shoot.   I love that as I get the opportunity to hold these brand new babies it helps me remember to slow down in life a little and how truly precious and innocent babies are.   Shoots like these make me truly love my job.

IMG_6374 copy.jpgIMG_6416.jpgIMG_6322 copy.jpgIMG_6329.jpgIMG_6362 copy3.jpgIMG_6447.jpgIMG_6365-2.jpgCollage.jpgIMG_6382 copy.jpgIMG_6388.jpgIMG_6461.jpg

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H. Newborn Baby Sweetness!

Every photographer has an area they really love.  Some love shooting weddings (not me), some love Seniors or couples, me- I think photographing newborn babies has become my favorite.

This sweet little guy was just four days old!   These first time parents were so wonderful to work with and dad was happy to jump right in and help wherever needed.  The baby *ahem* rewarded him at the end for it too and he took it like a champ!


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