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A Preemie Baby Turns Four!

When you have your first child you go into it thinking you know some things but are completely terrified of everything you do not.   You soon realize that you were right, there is a lot you don’t know; but you will also be amazed at all you can do.  When your second child comes, you go into it with a little more confidence.   So when I was pregnant with my third child, I felt like ‘I’ve got this!’.

But as life likes to do, it throws a wrench in things.  While on vacation hundreds of miles from home, my son was unexpectedly born 8 weeks early.   After 19 days in the NICU he was finally able to released and we could make the long trip home.  This July was 4 years from when he should have been born, so I am finally sharing the pictures I took in May from his 4-year-old birthday shoot.


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Scott Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday the Scott family came over to view their galleries.  This is by far one of my favorite parts of my jobs.  I love watching their reactions, love seeing the joy and happiness that seeing the pictures brings them.  There are always a few surprises as to which pictures are their favorites.  Sometimes a picture I just liked ends up being one of their absolute favorites.   Seeing how happy the pictures make them is why I keep doing this, why I love this job.

They were such a fun family to photograph too; their outfits were perfect, the girls were beyond adorable and it really was just a lot of fun.  I have been photographing more newborns lately, which I completely love and adore doing, but this shoot helped me remember how wonderful it is to photograph families too.


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Sibling Shoot

I have been bad about updating my blog on this site; life and my personal blog kept taking priority.  I am about to do a photo shoot of my own kids for Christmas cards and realized I had never shared the photo shoot I did of them this fall.  Now let me say, I love taking pictures. I have been able and get great pictures of really hyper kids, incredibly shy kids, indifferent teens, but something about taking pictures of my own kids leaves me wanting to bang my head on the wall.  In the end though, it turned out wonderfully.


My kids literally dove on me in the second to last picture… and of course I have to leave you with the face that says how she really felt about getting her pictures taken.

When is the last time you got your kids pictures taken?

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